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Dalbury Canopy

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The Dalbury Canopy is an exciting new addition. The canopy is constructed as a roof that is attached to the Dalbury Garden Room with two upright supporting posts, providing shade and shelter in any weather. The canopy can be either fully open (rear panel only), a half return or full return. Ideal for your table and chairs or even a hot tub!

Elite Garden Rooms offer quality & a year-round solution

The Elite range provides the perfect selection of designs and styles to suit any use or desire. Whether you are looking to create the perfect home office or a much needed extra room, then the Elite Range can work for you.

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The Gym

Escape the confines of traditional fitness settings and embrace a personalised workout experience with our Dalbury Canopy Elite Garden Room, perfectly tailored for use as a home gym. Step into this sanctuary designed exclusively for fitness enthusiasts, where you can customise the layout and décor to fit your personal style. Choose from a minimalist design for focused workouts or a vibrant, energising atmosphere that motivates you to push your limits.

Enjoy the ultimate convenience and flexibility of having a personal gym just steps away from your home. Say goodbye to the inconveniences of crowded public gyms and hello to your private workout haven, where you can exercise on your own terms, anytime you want.

The Office

Transform your work-from-home setup with our Dalbury Canopy Elite Garden Room, expertly designed to serve as the perfect home office. Elevate your remote work experience in this thoughtfully crafted space, tailored to foster productivity and creativity.

The Dalbury Canopy garden room provides a serene, dedicated environment that is ideal for professional activities, offering a stylish and comfortable setting where you can focus and achieve your best work. Embrace this bespoke office solution that seamlessly blends into your garden, enhancing both your work efficiency and your connection to nature.

The Bar

Transform your garden into the ultimate retreat for leisure and socializing with our Dalbury Canopy Elite Garden Room, perfectly designed to serve as a luxurious home bar.

This elegant structure is crafted with both functionality and style in mind, providing an ideal setting for gatherings and celebrations. As an exquisite addition to your outdoor space, the Dalbury Canopy garden room elevates your hosting experience, offering a sophisticated spot where you can entertain guests, enjoy bespoke cocktails and relax in style.

The Lounge

Our Elite Garden Rooms are designed to offer the ultimate in blend of luxury, comfort and style. Crafted with meticulous attention to details and constructed to the highest standards, this addition to your outdoor space will become your go-to retreat for unwinding and entertaining.

The combination of high-quality materials, customisation options and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces makes the Dalbury Canopy Elite Garden Room a luxurious and practical addition to any home.

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